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Launch of a new network: Slavery, Bondage, and the Environment in the Indian Ocean World

The Indian Ocean World Centre (IOWC) is building a free interdisciplinary network of scholars working on topics related to slavery, bondage, and the environment, with a focus on the Indian Ocean World (IOW) and its constituent parts (eastern Africa to eastern and southeastern Asia). The Centre intends to build a forum for scholars to connect, exchange ideas, build bibliographies, circulate conference calls, and organise panels/conferences, etc. The IOWC will host an e-mail group and share news of relevant works, events, and opportunities, as well as member information on our website.

All scholars with interests in slavery, bondage, and/or the environment in the IOW, past, present, and future, are encouraged to participate. A publication record on the network’s themes is not a precursor to inclusion. Emerging scholars (including (post-)graduate students/candidates), women, indigenous, and scholars from or based in the IOW are particularly encouraged sign up. We hope to use this network as the starting point for important research into the linkages between environmental conditions and slavery/bondage in the future.

For more information on this network, please visit our website here.

Should you wish to sign up as a member of the network, please fill out this form.

Call for Chapter Submissions: Conceptualising Resilience in the Age of the Anthropocene

Following the success of the IOWC’s conference, ‘Adaptation and Resilience to Climatic and Environmental Changes in the Indian Ocean World, past to present,’ in May earlier this year, Prof. Chris Low (Utah), Dr. Philip Gooding (IOWC), and Dr. Julie Babin (IOWC) have composed a call for chapter submissions. The working title for the proposed edited volume is: ‘Conceptualizing Resilience in the Age of the Anthropocene.’ Building on the conference papers, the call challenges potentially interested scholars to use their case studies to revise how ‘resilience’ to global warming and the ‘Anthropocene’ are understood in the Indian Ocean World, past and present.

The full call for chapter submissions is in the attached document below. It includes contact details for the editors, a style guide, and an expected timeline to publication. Please contact the editors if you have any questions and please circulate the call widely.

Watch the IOWC’s 2022 International Conference Online

The IOWC successfully hosted an online international conference entitled, “Adaptation and resilience to climatic and environmental changes in the Indian Ocean World, past to present” from May 25-27, 2022.

Should you have missed any of the panels, the recordings of the conference proceedings are now on the IOWC’s YouTube channel.

To watch the recordings, CLICK HERE.

Watch the Appraising Risk Summer School Workshop Online

On May 24th 2022, Dr. Julie Babin (IOWC), Dr. Philip Gooding (IOWC) and Dr. M. Christopher Low (Utah) successfully led the Second Annual Appraising Risk Summer School Workshop. If you missed the sessions, they have been posted on the IOWC’S YouTube channel.

To watch the workshop online, CLICK HERE

Watch the 2022 Winter Speaker Series Online

The IOWC’s 2022 Winter Speaker Series has successfully concluded for the year.

If you missed any of the talks, they have been posted on our YouTube channel.

To watch the talks, CLICK HERE.