Network Members

Learn more about members of the interdisciplinary network on Slavery, Bondage, and the Environment in the Indian Ocean World Network.

Gwyn Campbell

Professor and Director of the Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University


  • Regions: Indian Ocean World; Madagascar
  • Time Periods: 0-2000 CE
  • Themes: Histories of the Indian Ocean World; Africa; Madagascar; Economic History; Environmental History; Slavery
Philip Gooding

Postdoctoral Researcher, Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University


  • Regions: East Africa
  • Time Periods: 1700-1900 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Bondage; the Environment; Climate History
Hideaki Suzuki

Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan


  • Regions: East Africa; the Indian Ocean, Arabia; the Persian Gulf
  • Time Periods: 1000-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Slave Trade; Environment

Daren Ray

Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University


  • Regions: East Africa; Oman; Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: 0-1900 CE
  • Themes: Kinship; Law; Islam; Slavery
Joan Razafimaharo

Architect, Trano Architecture


  • Regions: Madagascar; Comoros, Les Mascareignes; Mozambique
  • Time Periods: 1800 CE-Present
  • Themes: Architecture; Urban Planning; Sustainability; Women’s Empowerment; Environment
Anna Arabindan Kesson

Associate Professor, Princeton University


  • Regions: South Asia; Caribbean, South and East Africa; Atlantic/Indian/Pacific Ocean interactions
  • Time Periods: 1700-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Indentured Labour; Visual Culture; Medicine; Trade Networks

Jakob Burnham

PhD Candidate, Georgetown University


  • Regions: South Asia; French Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: 1600-1800 CE
  • Themes: Urban History; Gender and Sexuality; Slavery and Labour
Anas S.

Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Kerala , India

  • Regions: South Asia; Malabar
  • Time Periods: Medieval
  • Themes: Environment
Saada Wahab

Lecturer, The State University of Zanzibar

  • Regions: East Africa
  • Time Periods: 1800-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Slave Trade

Akshay Sarathi

Lecturer, Texas A&M University


  • Regions: Swahili Coast; Western Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: Pre-modern; Ancient; Medieval
  • Themes: Subsistence; Trade and Exchange; Globalization
James C. Armstrong

Independent Scholar

  • Regions: Southwestern Indian Ocean; Madagascar; Cape of Good Hope
  • Time Periods: 1600-1800 CE
  • Themes: Slave Trade; Cape Exiles
Kelsey McFaul

Graduate Student, UC Santa Cruz

  • Regions: Western Indian Ocean; East Africa; Horn of Africa
  • Time Periods: 1900 CE-Present
  • Themes: Literature; the Novel; Histories of Enslavement and Migration; Environment and Climate; Archipelagic Thinking; Memory; Comparative Oceanic Thinking

Yadhav Deerpaul

PhD Student, Iowa State University

  • Regions: Islands of Indian Ocean World
  • Time Periods: 1800 CE-Present
  • Themes: Environmental and Technological History
Christine Whyte

Lecturer, University of Glasgow

  • Regions: Seychelles; Kenya; South Africa; Mauritius
  • Time Periods: 1800-1900 CE
  • Themes: Children and Childhood; Abolition of Slavery
Beatrice Nicolini

Full Professor, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Milan, Italy


  • Regions: East Africa; Zanzibar; Balochistan; Oman
  • Time Periods: 1800 CE-Present
  • Themes: Indian Ocean History; Slave Trade; Colonialism; Islam; Ibadism; Security Issues

Junaid ur Rehman

PhD Student, Columbia University

  • Regions: Indian Ocean; Western Ghats; Deccan; South Asia
  • Time Periods: Pre-modern; Modern; Colonial
  • Themes: Islam; Slavery; Coffee Plantations; Environmental History; History of Science
Guangtian Ha

Assistant Professor of Religion, Haverford College

  • Regions: China; Southeast Asia; South Asia; Middle East; Africa
  • Time Periods: Medieval to Early Modern
  • Themes: Slavery and Seafaring across the Indian Ocean
Neil van der Linden

Independent Researcher and Musicologist


  • Regions: Indian Ocean Coasts
  • Time Periods: 0-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Music Rituals

Pedro Machado

Associate Professor of History, Indiana University, Bloomington


  • Regions: East and Southeast Africa; Island Africa; South Asia; Southeast Asia; Australia
  • Time Periods: 1700-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Forms of Unfreedom; Object Histories; Commodities; Commercial Networks; Economic Life; Marine Environmental Histories
James Francis Warren

Emeritus Professor, Asia Research Centre, Murdoch University

  • Regions: Southeast Asia; Africa
  • Time Periods: 1600-2000 CE
  • Themes: Forms of Slavery; Slave Raiding; the Lives of Slaves; Historiography of Slavery in Comparative Global Context; Cultural Ecology of Slavery; Slavery and Natural Disasters
Jessica Hanser

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia


  • Regions: Indian Ocean; China; Britain; India; Africa; Caribbean
  • Time Periods: Medieval; Early Modern; Eighteenth Century
  • Themes: British Empire; Imperialism; Slavery; Capitalism

Jacky Kosgei

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand


  • Regions: East African Coast; Kenyan Coast
  • Time Periods: 16th Century; 1700-1800 CE; Present
  • Themes: Oral History; Swahili Oral Poetry; Indigenous Knowledge; Oral Testimonies of Seafarers; Marine Conservation
Fazal Muhammed

MPhil Student, SSUS Kalady

  • Regions: Indian Ocean and the Periphery
  • Time Periods: 1250-1750 CE
  • Themes: Trade; Slavery
Anwesha Das

Graduate Student, Emory University

  • Regions: South Asia
  • Time Periods: 1000-1600 CE
  • Themes: Mobility across the Medieval Indian Ocean; Environmental Histories of Port Cities

Deepa Padmanaban

Freelance Journalist


  • Regions: India; Asia; Asia Pacific
  • Time Periods: Contemporary
  • Themes: Oceans; Environment; Slavery; Climate Change
Lindsay Bremner

Director of Research, School of Architecture and Cities, University of Westminster


  • Regions: Bay of Bengal
  • Time Periods: Contemporary
  • Themes: Environment; Urbanism; Monsoons
Raka Banerjee

Junior Fellow, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi

  • Regions: Andaman Island; Bay of Bengal
  • Time Periods: 1900 CE-Present
  • Themes: Gender; Island Settlement; Island Studies; Bengal Partition (1947)

Magdalena Moorthy Kloss

Researcher, Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences


  • Regions: Yemen; Arabian Peninsula; Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: Medieval; 1800 CE-Present
  • Themes: Slavery; Post-slavery; Marginalization and Social Hierarchies; Gender; Race
Janie Cole

Adjunct Lecturer in Musicology, University of Cape Town


  • Regions: Ethiopia; East Africa; West India; Indian Ocean World
  • Time Periods: 1400-1800 CE
  • Themes: Music and Slavery in the Early Modern Indian Ocean World
Viacheslav Usov

Research Fellow, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences

  • Regions: South Asia; East Africa; Western Indian Ocean
  • Themes: Indian Diaspora in Africa; Africans in India; India’s Policy in Africa

Ahmed Y. AlMaazmi

PhD Candidate, Princeton University


  • Regions: Oman; Balochistan; East Africa
  • Time Periods: 1600-2000 CE
  • Themes: Slavery Studies; Environmental History; Law and Society; Science History; Indian Ocean World
Anders Norge Lauridsen

PhD Student, University of Gothenburg


  • Regions: Madagascar
  • Time Periods: 0 CE-Present (emphasis on 1600-1800 CE and Present)
  • Themes: Tradition; Religion; Ritual; Slavery; Trade
Shaheera Pesnani

Art History Research Fellow, Indian Ocean Exchanges, and PA to the Director for the North, Historic England

  • Regions: The Western Indian Ocean region (particularly the Makran Coastal Belt)
  • Time Periods: 1500 CE-Present
  • Themes: Slave Trading (particularly in relation to Baloch people); Built Environment; Climate Change

Kelly Brignac

Assistant Professor of History, Colby College


  • Regions: French Empire; Réunion; Mauritius; Madagascar; Mozambique; East Africa; Connections to French Atlantic
  • Time Periods: 1800-1861 CE
  • Themes: Forced Indenture of Africans; Labour; Slavery; Abolition; Bondage; Captivity; Empire
Naina Manjrekar

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

  • Regions: Coromandel; Gujarat and Konkan Coasts; Bay of Bengal; Southeast Asia; East African Littoral
  • Time Periods: 1600-2000 CE
  • Themes: Seafaring Labour; Slavery; Culture; Connected Histories; Transnational Archives
Gerald Daniel Louis

Independent Scholar


  • Regions: Indian Ocean World
  • Time Periods: 1700-1900 CE
  • Themes: Indian Ocean World; Southeast Asia

Archisman Chaudhuri

Assistant Professor (Temporary), Rutgers University

  • Regions: Indian Ocean; South Asia; South East Asia; Southern Africa; West Asia
  • Time Periods: 1000 CE-Present
  • Themes: Indian Ocean; Environmental History; History of Slavery; Droughts; Floods; Diseases; Trade; Empires; Little Ice Age; VOC; Mughal Empire
Smarika Nawani

Assistant Professor, Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi (India)

  • Regions: Kathiawar and Makran Coast; Bay of Bengal; Archipelago Southeast Asia; Mozambique and Somali Coast; the Islands in the Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: 800-1700 CE
  • Themes: Geography; Ecology; Material Culture and Society; Religion; Diaspora and Migrations; Cartography; Institutions
Gabrielle Robbins

PhD Candidate, MIT Anthropology


  • Regions: Madagascar
  • Time Periods: Contemporary
  • Themes: Slavery; Social Hierarchy; Agribusiness; Industrial Change

Abdelhakim Belhacel

PhD Candidate, Université Paris Nanterre, Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne


  • Regions: Oman; Madagascar; Tanzania; Kenya; Somalia; Mozambique; Comoros; Réunion; Seychelles; Maurice; Iran; India
  • Time Periods: 1770-1884 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Engagisme; Colonisation; Empires; Trade Networks; Diseases; Vaccination; Explorers; Connected History; Trans-imperial History; Diplomacy
Stefania Manfio

PhD Candidate, Stanford University

  • Regions: Mascarene Islands; Madagascar; East Africa; South Africa
  • Time Periods: 1700-1900 CE
  • Themes: Shipwrecks; Slave Trade; Indenture; Archaeology; Trade Networks; Environment
Vololoniaina Bakoliarisoa Ratsimbazafy

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Antananarivo

  • Regions: Madagascar
  • Time Periods: 1960 CE-Present
  • Themes: Environment

Malarvizhi Jayanth

Research Fellow in Slavery and its Impacts, King’s College, University of Cambridge


  • Regions: Southern India
  • Time Periods: 1700-1900 CE
  • Themes: Slavery; Caste; Emancipation
Charuta Ghadyalpatil

Research Associate, Art Deco Mumbai Trust

  • Regions: South Asia; Indian Peninsula; Arabian Sea; Bay of Bengal
  • Time Periods: 1800 CE- Present
  • Themes: History of Science; Migration; Environment; Constructions of Nature and Tropicality; Spatial Histories; Area Studies; Urban Growth
Malala Onisoa Rakotojaofeno

Postdoctoral Researcher/ Assistant Professor (Temporary), University of Antananarivo, Madagascar


  • Regions: Indian Ocean; Madagascar; Eastern Africa
  • Time Periods: 1900 CE- Present
  • Themes: Economics; Environment; Agriculture; Sustainable Development

Maho Sebiane

Research Associate, Centre de Recherches sur les Arts et le Langage (UMR 8566 EHESS/CNRS)


  • Regions: Western Indian Ocean; East Africa; Persian Gulf
  • Time Periods: 1600 CE- Present
  • Themes: Anthropology of Music; Music History; Social and Cultural Anthropology; Music, Economy and Law in Islamicate
Chanelle Adams

Doctoral Assistant, University of Lausanne


  • Regions: Madagascar
  • Time Periods: 1890 CE- Present
  • Themes: Health; Botany
Kerry Ward

Associate Professor, Rice University


  • Regions: Indian Ocean
  • Time Periods: Ancient to Present
  • Themes: Forced Labour; Slavery; Slave Trade; Human Trafficking; Anti-Slavery; Anti-Human Trafficking

Steven S George

PhD Scholar, Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia

  • Regions: South Asia; Global South
  • Time Periods: 1900 CE- Present
  • Themes: Global South Literature; Digital Humanities; Oceanic Literature; Marginal Literature; Slave Literature