Carleigh Nicholls

Carleigh Nicholls recently completed her PhD in History at McGill University, focusing on early modern Scotland. She joined the IOWC in 2019 as a Project Manager, and she is in charge of the managerial and administrative work behind the scenes at the IOWC.

Sam Gleave Riemann

Sam Gleave Riemann recently completed a Masters degree in Classics at McGill. In a disciplinary pivot, he joined the Centre in the summer of 2022 as a Research Assistant to facilitate the Speaker Series and produce the Indian Ocean World Podcast.

Ruishen Zhang

Ruishen Zhang is an undergraduate student of environmental biology at McGill University, MacDonald Campus. He joined the IOWC in June 2021 as a Research Assistant. He is currently reading the gazetteers after the 1800s from southern China, extracting, summarizing natural disasters and recording them in the Appraising Risk database. He is also helping the GIS team, and is trying to georeference and digitalize the hand-draw map from gazetteers to current datum.

Alex Springer

Alex Springer is an undergraduate student at McGill University, where he studies International Development with a focus on conservation and sustainability. He joined the IOWC in April of 2022, where he works as a research assistant examining the impact of El Niño on trade and economic development in the Indian Ocean world. He is working with Dr. Phillip Gooding to understand how an extreme El Niño event dating between 1659 and 1661 affected the region.

Lilia Scudamore

Lilia Scudamore is an undergraduate at McGill University majoring in History with minors in Economics and Political Science. She joined the IOWC as a research assistant in February of 2023, where she is studying 19th-century Church Missionary Society archives from China as part of an effort to verify and contribute to the REACHES climate database.

Nadia Fekih

Nadia Fekih is an undergraduate student at McGill University in Environmental Studies and History. She joined the Indian Ocean World Centre as a Research Assistant in January 2023 and is currently working on identifying the underlying environmental causes for Dutch settlement in 17th Century South Africa.

Cecile Dai