Jorge Mortean

Born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Jorge Mortean completed his BA in Social Communication with a minor in Advertisement at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP, São Paulo, 2004) and in Geography at University of São Paulo (USP, São Paulo, 2008), and a Masters degree in Middle East Regional Studies at the School of International Relations – SIR (Diplomatic Academy) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran; Grant Holder from Iran’s Ministry of Education and Science (Tehran, 2012). His research interests fall at Geopolitics, International Relations, Multilateralism, Meridionalism, Diplomacy, Global South and South-South Cooperation.

His Master’s thesis entitled “Comparative Analysis between the Economic Policies of Iran and Brazil and their Bilateral Trade in the 1970s and 2000s” proposed a new survey on the relations between Brazil and Iran from an economic point-of-view, noticing its historical trajectory, precisely from the decade of 1970 until nearly nowadays, bypassing also on the economic policies of both countries, since they also define the directions of a country in relation to their trade relations with the rest of the world. It is shown how economic policies adopted by both countries have been similar and complementary, which facilitates the development of bilateral relations, especially in economic and business fields.

Currently, he is PhD student at University of São Paulo on geopolitics of the Indian Ocean. His PhD dissertation (currently in progress) aims to prove that Brazil can be a catalytic actor for the formulation of a Southern policy across the Indian Ocean, and its implementation, from the strengthening of its relations with the Republic of Mauritius. It will also seek to identify and analyze all geopolitical factors that can lead Mauritian-Brazilian relations to their maximum narrowing and power. It intends, therefore, to investigate mainly geographic and political-diplomatic aspects of the Republic of Mauritius, favored above all by its position and regional performance in the Indian Ocean, which could make this new level of bilateral relations serve as a trampoline to amplify Brazilian diplomacy throughout the Indian Ocean. By strengthening multilateral dialogue and international cooperation, the thesis will show how to consolidate a new Southern policy in the 21st century, linking all its geographical areas (Latin America, Africa and Asia).

Jorge has also professional academic experience in the field of Geography, with an emphasis on International Political Geography (Middle East) and International Relations, at some private colleges in São Paulo. Also, he has previous professional experience in areas such as Social and Environmental Responsibility, Corporate Sustainability, Commercial Promotion (as Assistant at the Trade Promotion Sector of the Brazilians Embassy in Tehran, Iran, from 2010 to 2012), Global Marketing and Advertising Writing. Regarding language skills, besides his native Portuguese, Jorge is fluent in English and Spanish, intermediate in Persian (Farsi) and basic French.