Fall 2019

Scroll down for links to presenters’ individual posters and abstracts for the Fall 2019 IOWC Speaker Series.

Fall 2019 Speaker Series Poster Draft 2

  • 18 September: Zahra Sabri, “The Rise of Imran Khan: Religion, State, and Society in Today’s Pakistan”
  • 25 September: Joseph Howard, “Africa and Indian Ocean Christianity”
  • 9 October: Philip Gooding, “Environmental and Political Crisis in East Africa, c. 1877-84”
  • 16 October: Veysel Simsek, “All Roads Lead to Mecca and Medina: Mapping the Pilgrimage Routes to the Muslim Holy Land in the Indian Ocean World, c. 1500-1900”
  • 23 October: Samantha Moyes, “Human Rights, Internationalism, and Trusteeship: Distrust in Late Colonial Tanganyika (Tanzania)”
  • 30 October: Zozan Pehlivan, “The History of Global Climate in the Middle East”
  • 6 November: Michael Ferguson, “Food Histories of Enslaved and Emancipated African Women in the Late Ottoman Empire”
  • 13 November: Ishita Tiwary, “The Ranjesh Cult and the Video Sermon”
  • 20 November: Archisman Chaudhuri, “Droughts and Famines in Coromandel (1658-1660) and Southeast Asia (1674): Questions for the 17th Century Climate Crisis in the Indian Ocean”
  • 27 November: Denis Gay, “Les familles marchandes bohra de Madagascar: Étude des circulations transnationales sur la longue durée”