Rebekah McCallum

Rebekah McCallum is a PhD candidate studying under Gwyn Campbell at the Indian Ocean World Centre, in the Department of History & Classical Studies at McGill. Her work intends to provide understanding of contemporary bondage networks and structures across the Indian Ocean World by exploring the historical contexts that gave rise to their development and maintenance. Her dissertation will centre on tea plantations in India and Sri Lanka to explore trajectories in labour management and development through the 20th century, taking into account discourses of human-environment interaction, human rights, and humanitarianism. This speaks to contemporary strategic partnerships among international bodies attempting to address the social conditions of labourers within long-standing international networks.

Rebekah received her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, with a certificate in South Asian Studies, from Princeton University in 2010. She then studied for a certificate in theology from the University of Oxford, before completing her Master’s degree in the Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures at the University of Virginia.