Winter 2017 Speaker Series

Indian Ocean World Centre

Winter 2017 Speaker Series, Thursdays, 5:45-7:30pm

 Peterson Hall 116, McGill University, 3460 Rue McTavish

Montréal, Québec, H3A 0E6


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March 23 Presentation by Mr. Sylvain Cornac

“An Amir Between Empires: the Ottoman Part of Abd al-Qâdir al-Jazâirî’s Career”


March 16 Presentation by Prof. Ariel Salzmann

After the Safavids: State Failure in Iran in an Early Modern, Global Perspective


March 9 Presentation by Dr. Zozan Pelivan

“Pastoralists’ Response to Climatic Crises in Ottoman Kurdistan, 1840-1895”


Feb. 23 Presentation by Dr. Mafalda Ade

“The Commercial Tribunal at Aleppo and Legal Innovation in the Late Ottoman Empire”


Feb. 16 Presentation by Prof. Grace Fong

“Lost in Private Writings: Women’s Responses to Opium and the Opium Wars In Qing China”


Feb. 9 Presentation by Dr. Yoshina Hurgobin

"Malaria and Labour Migration in the Indian Ocean World, 1867 - 1938"


Feb. 2 Presentation by Naser Dumairieh

"The Mughal and the Ḥijāz in the 17th Century"


Jan. 26 Presentation by Elizabth Dyer

"World War II and African Variety Shows on Tour in  the Indian Ocean World, 1939-1950"


Jan. 19 Presentation by Dr. Stefan Winter


Jan. 12 Presentation by Dr. Aslıhan Gürbüzel

"A Culture of Eclecticism: Medical Pluralism and the Question of Change in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire"