Wine in the World: Markets and Globalisation

Zaragoza, Spain 29 June – 1 July 2011

Organized by

Vicente Pinilla Department of Applied Economics and Economic History University of Zaragoza, Spain

In collaboration with

Gwyn Campbell IOWC, Department of History, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

This three day inter-disciplinary conference aims to bring together researchers interested in the history, economics, management, marketing, culture and culture of wine production and wine tourism. The conference will be organised around the topic of the international wine market. Case studies of particular regions or countries, as well as comparative studies are welcome.

Selection of papers and abstracts for discussion sessions will be on the basis of peer reviewer comments. The conference will be open only to authors of accepted papers. A selection of the best papers may be published.

Those interested should send by e.mail a title and abstract by February 15, 2011 to Vicente Pinilla or Gwyn Campbell from whom further details may be obtained.