Domestic Slavery in Islam: Theory and Practice

Visiting Speaker: Abdul Sheriff

31st March, 2008

Domestic Slavery in Islam: Theory and Practice

Professor Abdul Sheriff, Director of the Zanzibar Indian Ocean Research Institute (ZIORI), and a valued partner in the McGill Canadian Field Studies in Africa programme, is an internationally respected author of major works on east African history.

Formerly a professor of history at the University of Dar es Salaam, and advisor on National Heritage and Principle Curator of Zanzibar Museums, he was in 2005 awarded the prestigious Prince Claus Award for his work in creating of the House of Wonders and the Sultan's Palace, two thriving museums which showcase the rich traditions of the island of Zanzibar and help make it an important centre on the global cultural map.

Sponsored by: IOWC, CDAS, Department of History, Institute of Islamic Studies SSHRC, and the University of Alberta .

McGill University, Leacock Building, Room 232

5 to 7pm