Winter 2016 Speak Series


Indian Ocean World Centre

Winter 2016 Speaker Series, Thursdays, 5:45-7:30pm

116 Peterson Hall, McGill University, 3460 McTavish Street
Montréal, Québec, H3A 0E6

Each talk is followed by a reception


Apr. 28 Presentation by Dr. Sebastian Prange 

“Monsoon Islam: Trade & Faith on the Medieval Malabar Coast”


Apr. 21 Presentation by Dr. Tassos Anastassiadis

“India over the Mediterranean, Jerusalem over Constantinople: British Imperial Introspection at the End of WWI and its Consequences”


Apr. 14 Presentation by Rashed Chowdhury

“Hajj in the Time of Cholera: The Politics of Pilgrimage in the Russian Empire in the 1870’s


Apr. 7 Presentation by Andreas Weber

"Making Governance Work: Paper and Natural History in the Dutch Empire, 1790-1820"


Mar. 31 Presentation by Philip Gooding

"Lacrustine Craft as Political Objects: Technological Innovation and Political Shifts around Nineteenth-Century Lake Tanganyika"


Mar. 24 Presentation by Rebekah McCallum

“Glimpses of Tea: An Introduction to Ongoing Research on the Tea Plantations of Assam and Ceylon (Sri Lanka)”


Mar. 17 Presentation by Dr. Veysel Simsek

“The Sublime Porte, Egyptian Khedivate and the Building of Suez Canal, 1850-1869”


Mar. 10 Presentation by Heather Fraser Fawcett

"Unitarian Missionaries, The Brahmo Samaj, and the Development of Unitarianism in the Khasi Hills of India, 1821-1921"


Feb. 25 Presentation by: Jennifer Craig

"Value of shipwreck data in digital databases"


Feb. 18 presentation by: Dr. Gwyn Campbell

“The MCRI and New Perspective on Indian Ocean World History


Feb. 11 presentation by: Christopher Miller

"Writing systems, marginality and identity in Indonesia and the Philippines"


Feb. 4 Presentation by: Rebecca Robinson:

“A Tale of Two Calendars: Time, History, and Empire in Early China and Rome”


Jan. 28 Presentation by: Naomi Alisa Calnitsky:


Jan. 21 Presentation by Dr. Mick Frogley:

 “Complexity in human-environment interactions: triangulating climatic and historical records from the Indian Ocean World”


Jan. 14 Presentation by Dr. Chinnaiah Jangam

“The Other Side of the Imagination: Dalits and the Making of Modern India”